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Today au Musée is a summer art history program for the creative, astute, and curious young mind. We offer weekly sessions in a myriad of periods, themes, and concentrations; taught by leading undergraduate art history students from the nation's top universities. 


What Is a Today au Musée?

We will open your child to the amazing world of art, architecture, and design. Through meticulously planned out syllabi balanced by engaging activities, the students at Today au Musée will create their own masterpieces after viewing some of what New York can offer of the world's most notable pieces.

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Who is Today au Musée?

Founded by Columbia University undergraduate Anna Pei, a native New Yorker and a life long lover of art and its budding connoisseurs; Today au Musée is backed by a team of passionate and fresh instructors.

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Why Today au Musée?

With a diverse network of instructors from across the world paired with small groups of three to five students, we keep things intimate and engaged in order to cultivate and foster a passion for and awareness of the artistic manifestations from cultures around the world.

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Where We Learn

With a classroom like New York, limits do not exist. Our students will learn from collections at some of the world's most esteemed museums.


Look at life with the eyes of a child

— Henri Matisse


A Top 10 Service

As of 2019, Today au Musée is New York's leading art history program for the youth of Manhattan and beyond.