our mission

Today au Musée is an educational program for children aged 7-14 who are interested in learning about art history, architecture, and design. Through weekly subjects in topics like Religious Art of East Asia to 20th Century New York History, we aim to teach children about the many cultures that surround us in hope of spreading tolerance, appreciation, and love for the wonderful ingredients in the melting pot that is New York.

In order to maintain engaged lessons, we keep our class size to three pupils maximum and our lessons to at most two hours before taking our group to nearby parks to do lecture-related crafts and activities. Our staff are all current students from the nation’s top colleges and have years of experience working with children and studying the topic of their direction. Each student is also given a laminated packet to bring home at the end of each week so that they can continue their studies outside of the “classroom.”

The program was founded by Anna Pei, a Manhattan native, Barnard sophomore, and graduate of the Brearley School (New York, NY) and Middlesex School (Concord, MA). In the past four years, Anna has worked with the Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art Department and Impressionist and Modern Art Department at Christie’s, under the design department at Oscar de la Renta, as a client service representative for Christian Louboutin, and as a merchandising intern for Theory. She also has worked full-time as a babysitter for families across New York for the past two years, as a private art history, math, and English tutor for the past year; and spent high school teaching figure skating to physically and mentally disabled children including those with autism, ADHD, ODD, dyslexia, down syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Therefore, after almost seven years of working with children of all ages and disabilities, Anna founded Today au Musée in hopes of helping young students with limited cultural knowledge think and engage like children of the world. An international traveler herself since she was an infant, Anna strongly feels that her travels through Asia, Africa, and Europe have driven her passion for people and she hopes that exposing children to global experiences through art, architecture, and design will help eliminate xenophobia and encourage love for the people and their cultures around us. 

Program options begin the week of June 4th and last through the week of July 2nd with multiple payment plans available.